Fixed Screen faq's

What do I do at the start of my shift?
When you turn on your ignition or start your cab, the system will boot up automatically. The system powers down once you have turned the ignition off.
How do I Sign In and Log Out of the payment system?
Once booted up you will be faced with the home screen and sign-in page. Enter your DRIVER ID (your badge number) and your PIN number you chose when you first registered. Then Press ENTER.
How do I turn my meter off?
As the FREEdom solution is an integrated payment solution to turn your meter off please sign out of the payment system. This will allow you to turn your meter off.
How do I process a card payment?
When you stop the meter the fare will appear on the tablet. Press OK to send it to the passenger facing terminal. CASH JOBS Ignore the tablet and do cash jobs exactly as you currently do, by starting, stopping and clearing the meter. CHIP and PIN: first receipt is the Card Holders copy which you pass to the passenger. The second receipt is the Merchant copy which you retain. CONTACTLESS: Only one receipt is printed - the Merchant copy. If the passenger requests a receipt press Print on the tablet. SWIPE: The first receipt is the Merchant copy, which the passenger signs and returns to the driver. The second receipt is the passengers. SET FARES: Press Set Fare and manually enter the fare. Press OK to send the fare to the passenger facing terminal.
What do I do if my receipt says **Cancelled**/**Void**/**Declined**/**Unable to connect**
When a receipt reads void, cancelled or declined, or if a passenger fails to present a card within 30 seconds, the terminal will time out and the tablet will show a Card Denied screen which is red. Press OK and either Clear the job and take cash, or press Card to send it through to the passenger as a card payment again. If your Merchant receipt does not have an AUTH CODE the transaction was not successful and you will not be paid.
What do I do if a passengers card doesn't work?
The vast majority of issues processing passenger cards are due to passenger error. In most cases retrying the card payment will work. Failing that please ask your passenger to try again using a different card or ask them to pay with cash. If you are experiencing a system issue please call our helpline so that we can process a payment remotely for you. This will not help if the tablet is showing “Void” or “Not Authorized”as those errors represent a problem with the passenger’s card.
How do I know a transaction has been successful?
Your receipt will have an AUTH CODE printed at the bottom. The screen will also show you the successful transaction with the AUTH CODE on the screen.
How do I print a cash (or duplicate) receipt?
Press the 'Receipt Copy' icon on the home screen for a copy of the last job.
What do the icons within the Card System app mean?
From left to right: The first Icon represents signal and connection to the host. The second Icon is the internal tablet GPS sensor, do not worry if this is yellow as it just means the GPS fix is less than ideal. The third Icon represents connection between the in vehicle equipment your meter, this should be green, if you and finally the seventh Icon represents the pin pad. The last icon takes about a minute to go green while the pin pad is initializing.
My printer Icon is yellow.
Your printer only works if your ignition is on, please check that there is no paper jam. If your printer is out of paper the Icon will also be yellow. You will still be able to accept cards, however, you will have to hand write receipts.
When will I get paid for my card work?
There are 3 payment schedule options. OPTION 1 = Once a week payment. The cashiering cycle is Monday midnight pm to Monday 23.59pm. You will receive a cashiering email on the Tuesday morning with all fares and tips deposited into your bank account on Thursday. OPTION 2 = Twice a week payments. The first cashiering cycle is Monday midnight to Thursday day 23.59pm. You will receive a cashiering email on the Friday morning with all fares and tips deposited into your bank account on Tuesday. The second cashiering cycle is Thursday midnight to Monday 23.59pm with all fares and tips deposited into your bank account on Thursday morning. OPTION 3 is 5 daily payments, Monday to Friday (funds cleared next day) Daily cycles are midnight to 23:59, all weekend work is deposited into your bank account on the Tuesday. There is a £1.25 per week charge for option 3.
How do I check my transactions?
If you gave us your email when your first registered you will have received a link to our online transaction portal. Follow the instructions on the email and you will be able to set date ranges to check your transactions. Your user name will be your badge number and your password will be whatever you specified. The driver portal can also be accessed from and then select “Driver Portal.”
What do I do if a payment has been missed?
If you have a receipt with an AUTH CODE but you have not been paid as you expected please call us on 0207 183 1894 between the hours of 9am and 5pm, Monday to Friday. Please remember the payment cycle as it is possible you are not due to be paid yet.
Where can I buy new printer paper rolls?
You can buy thermal printer rolls at most stationers or online. However, Rymans are generally the most cost effective. Rolls are available from us at CMT and JV Bright Taxi Parts.
How do CMT update the system?
From time to time system updates will be sent to your system automatically over the air. Occasionally, we may need to see you vehicle to perform an update. We will always email you details of any significant update.
How do I reset my system?
If you are having issues with your payment system the first step to try is to reset everything. Like all electronics sometimes simply restarting helps a great deal. To reset touch the COG AND SPANNER icon on the bottom right corner of the home page, touch the SYSTEM RESET icon and select the reason for reset. Then touch RESET NOW, the system will now reboot. If you are continuing to have issues give us a call or stop in to one of our service centres.