Arro Step1.png

By simply pressing the BLUE 'A' Arro tile you can choose to make yourself available or unavailable for E-Hails. Unlike mobile apps the system knows your meter state, so will only offer your a job if you're for hire.




If an E-Hail Offer appears, with accompanying alert sound, you will have 15 seconds to accept, reject or simply ignore the offer. A calculated ETA is shown which takes traffic and distance into consideration. The pick up street name is also shown.


Arro Step3.png

Multiple drivers can accept the same offer. If you accept the offer the system will allocate the E-Hail to the most appropriate driver.


If you are awarded the E-Hail you're given the location of the passenger. At this point, switch your meter to 'OFF', you have 18 seconds to do this. Press the GREEN TICK to notify your passenger you've arrived at the pick-up point. If you want more location information, click the YELLOW 'More Info/Map' button.


Arro Step5.png

If you do, a map screen will load. You will also notice a 'BACK BUTTON' and a 'CALLOUT BUTTON'.


The system will display a map of the passenger's location (in this case it's our Kendal Avenue facility). You also have the option to tap the screen.


Arro Step7.png

If you do you'll be shown a street view image of the location. Pressing the 'CALLOUT' BUTTON will start an automatic call between your phone & the passenger's phone. The system masks phone numbers. The passenger can also initiate a call.


Arro Step8.png

The passenger has 3 minutes from when you arrive to reach you. If the passenger hasn't made contact within 3 minutes you can mark the passenger as a "No Show". If this happens the passenger will be charged and you will be paid this charge, minus the processing fee.


Arro Step9.png

Do NOT start your meter until the passenger is in your Taxi. If you do the job may be given to another driver. Once you have picked up the passenger and started the meter trip will begin like normal. Payment is automatic at the end of the trip once you have stopped your meter. 


The passenger will receive an emailed receipt. The in-vehicle system will print a receipt for you. In addition, your screen will indicate approval of the transaction.

Clear the meter and you're ready for the next job.