CMT are pleased to be able to offer qualifying drivers the opportunity to join Vodafone’s Advantage Program.

Vodafone Advantage is a scheme Vodafone offers to selected customers which gives discounts of up to 30% off Pay Monthly Sim Only Tariffs & up to 15% off Pay Monthly Bundles when you buy a device. This doesn't just apply to the individual customer though, it extends to 5 family members or friends too. When Vodafone approached us to offer this deal to our staff, we saw an opportunity and began working on making it available to you too.

So what's the catch? Well, there isn't one. As long as you process £1250 of Fares through your CMT FREEdom SOLUTION for 3 consecutive months, the Vodafone Advantage offer is available to you.

What do we at CMT get out of it? Nothing. All we're looking to do is reward drivers who use our system regularly. There are two fundamental approaches payment system providers take. The first is to penalise Drivers for low use through minimum usage penalties, while the second is to incentivise and reward higher use. We've chosen to take the latter approach.

Please enter your badge number in the box below and we will send you an email containing your unique voucher if you qualify. Once you have printed your Voucher, which is below, simply present it along with your Badge and Driving License at any Vodafone store … they’re expecting you.

While CMT is proud to have secured this offer for you, all terms and conditions, and any accompanying agreements, will be between yourself and Vodafone. CMT’s sole responsibility is to confirm your eligibility based on your having processed £1250 of Fares for 3 consecutive months through our FREEdom SOLUTION, that’s it from our side. It’s worth stating that we're not recommending Vodafone over any other provider, nor are we partnering with Vodafone or profiting in any way from this arrangement. It's simply that we are in a position to make this scheme available to qualifying drivers. Vodafone will be able to make you aware of their own Terms & Conditions and address any questions you may have about this arrangement. Here is a link to the Vodafone Advantage Website for your reference: https://www.vodafone.co.uk/vodafone-advantage/ and here is a link to their FAQ page http://support.vodafone.co.uk/Getting-started-and-upgrading/Vodafone-Advantage/