Why choose the FREEdom SOLUTION? Well our system is, simply put, better than the competition and here's why:

The FREEdom SOLUTION from CMT is fully TfL Approved, and seamlessly Integrates with your Meter so as to comply with future TfL requirements. Once installed into your Cab, whether by CMT or one of our approved installation partners, that's it ... you won't need to revisit. Anything we add to the system, and we will be adding exciting features, will be sent over the air to the equipment in your vehicle.

The FREEdom SOLUTION has NO Installation Cost and there are NO Rental Charges. You only pay a small transaction fee of 3.75% of the fare, plus 20p. 

The FREEdom SOLUTION was designed by the industry, for the industry. This means our system was designed specifically for you and your Cab. As a result there's NO reduction in your luggage space... our installation adds no clutter. We also provide a Driver Portal on this website, and email you a transaction statement. Your payments are made either once or twice a week for free, or five times a week for an additional charge of £1.25 per week.

Our modern facility in Vision Park near Park Royal is where we carry out installations, driver training and are available to answer your queries. We offer 24hr phone support should you experience any difficulties completing a transaction and plan to open 24hr support to the trade in multiple service locations. CMT have systems fitted to over 45,000 Licensed Taxis, in 150 Cities in the United States. Our systems are robust, reliable and thoroughly tested.

We are confident that the FREEdom SOLUTION from CMT is the best system available and when you add our entire package together it is, simply put, the best around.