I am a CMT driver, how do I sign up for ARRO?

As you are already a CMT driver enrolled on our FREEdom Solution card payment system you automatically become an ARRO driver. You may have noticed your screen has updated to include an 'ARRO' tile or button. Once signed in with your meter in the 'FOR HIRE' state, you are ready and available to accept jobs, so look out for ARRO ride offers!

How did ARRO come about?

ARRO has been engineered as a global hailing app. ARRO already operates in New York, Houston, Boston, Chicago and San Francisco to name a few. London is the perfect place to engage with thousands more ARRO passengers. 

What are the main differences between ARRO and other hailing apps?

Fundamentally, the main difference is that ARRO jobs appear on your integrate CMT payment system and not your mobile phone. The benefit of this is that you won't receive ride offers while 'hired,' because the system know the state of your meter. ARRO jobs are sent to you using our data and to cap it all, ARRO rides are cheaper commission wise than the competition.

How do I get paid for my ARRO trips?

Simple, ARRO rides get added to your CMT driver account and follow your payment schedule appearing separately on cashiering receipts minus the commission fees. The fees are a flat 8% for ARRO rides including the 3.75% + 20p transaction fee. 

What if I already have a metered fare on board or I'm on another haling app trip?

If your meter is in the 'HIRED' state you won't be offered an ARRO ride, you automatically become 'unavailable'. If you are using another circuit, then you should turn your meter to 'OFF' state or use the ARRO tile/button to make yourself 'unavailable'. for Arro rides.

How do I accept an ARRO ride?

We have comprehensive guides for this, please click here for our fixed screen solution or click here for our tablet solution. If you are offered a job you will have 15 seconds to accept, reject or ignore it. The ETA to the passenger as well as the pick-up street are shown at time of offer.

What happens if I don't accept ARRO ride offers?

ARRO ride offers are sent to the most appropriatly located drivers using a umber of algorithms. If you choose not to accept there is no penalty, however, bailing after accepting will likely lead to less offers in the future. 

Can I charge a run in? I.e do I put my meter on when I'm on my way to the passenger?

No. You have an arrived button that can only be pressed when you have arrived at the pick up point. As soon as the passenger steps into the cab you can switch your meter to 'HIRED'. Exactly the same way you would on any street hail. In fact, if you start your meter without the passenger in the cab ARRO will automatically bail you from the ride and reassign to another driver.

What happens if a passenger cancels a ride or doesn't show up?

If the passenger cancels an ARRO ride 3 minutes after the trip was assigned the driver will be paid £4.60. If the passenger fails to show up within 3 minutes from you arriving on site you have the option to "no-show" the passenger. Before doing so please try and make contact with the passenger using the "call out" button. ARRO automatically and anonymously connects you with the passenger. If this fails the driver is paid £4.60. 

What happens if I bail out from a job?

Generally we wouldn't want this to be the case but of course there maybe a genuine reason for doing so. The passenger will get notification that such an event has happened and will be assigned a new driver. Bailing may lead to less ARRO ride offers in the future.

Can the passenger add a tip to the metered fare?

Yes, within the passenger app there is a section where a default tip can be selected. For example; a passenger may have thier tip defaulted to 15% for all ARRO rides. However, they also have the option of changing this during each ride. Assuming they have a great ARRO experience from start to finish they may increase the tip up to 50% of the fare.

How does the passenger pay for the ride?

All ARRO rides are paid from within the app. The passenger must have at least one stored card.  At the end of the ride, once you have stopped your meter, the passenger's card will automatically be debited the metered fare plus any tip they have chosen to add. You will receive a receipt direct from your receipt printer and the passenger will be emailed their copy.

Does the passenger have the ability to rate me as a driver?

Yes, at the end of every completed ride the passenger is prompted to rate you as a driver, 1 to 5 stars, the latter being the highest. 

What happens if I have a problem?

Please contact us via e-mail or phone and we will investigate. All feedback good or bad is welcome.