As you'll no doubt be aware the Contactless Tipping & Security Pin Pad update has been available from Kendal Avenue in W3 for a few weeks now. While you can still visit us Monday to Friday 9-5 & Saturday 9-12 to have your pin pad updated we do understand that our location doesn't suit all of you.

If your system was installed by Taxiworld and you'd rather go to them, call 0208 885 8666 to arrange.

If your system was installed by Ascotts and you'd rather go to them, call 0208 692 1122 to arrange. Please note Ascotts will begin updating on the 23rd of January.

To reiterate, all are welcome at Kendal Avenue in W3.

Here's what to do.

1) Ensure you have your pin pad updated by the 15th of March. The security aspect of this update makes it mandatory and is the reason for the deadline.

2) Call your relevant installation agent to arrange the update or simply pop into CMT at Kendal Avenue without an appointment.

3) Please read the body of this email below so you can best advise your passengers. Why is this necessary? Because passengers who choose to pay via contactless will not be used to seeing a tip prompt. The short of the advise is 'press Green to leave a Tip and Yellow not to'.


Contactless Tipping & Security Update:

Any Driver who has had a Pin Pad replaced or installed since the 1st of October, or has come expressly to have the update, does not need to come in again. To be certain please look at the screen of your Pin Pad … 

V25 Screen Shot.jpg

… if it says TU2.01.23 at the top of the screen, as per the above image, then you definitely already have the update on your Pin Pad.

The process itself will take around 15 minutes and includes various updates, security & processing orientated, as well as general enhancements which will improve both the function and reliability of your CMT FREEdom SOLUTION. One of these features will allow us to carry out all further updates over the air, so the chances are you won’t need to bring your Taxi to us and take time out of your day again.

Now to the important information we alluded to above. Once we’ve added contactless tipping to your Pin Pad passengers will have to either elect to leave a tip, by pressing the GREEN ENTER button, or not, by pressing the YELLOW CLEAR button, before they can use the contactless facility. You will know that some passengers do not read the information on the screen, which clearly states the process, so you will probably need to hold their hands through this process. Something along the lines of "please follow the onscreen prompts", or ”it’s the green button to leave a tip and the yellow button if you don’t want to” might be worth stating. It’s exactly the same screen as the passenger sees if they’re paying via Chip & Pin, but the big difference is they probably won’t be expecting it if they’re opting to use contactless.

While you should always check every receipt for an AUTH CODE, please pay special attention now. If you see CANCELLED on a receipt you know the passenger has pressed the Red 'Cancel' button on the Pin Pad. The payment will therefore not go through. In such cases get the passenger to retry the transaction, but tell them to press the Yellow button if they don't wish to leave a tip, not the Red button which cancels the entire transaction.

NB: Because of the security features of this update it is mandatory, though there is plenty of time before we reach the hard deadline of the 15th of March. Clearly though, the sooner you get it done the sooner you'll be getting tips on your contactless payments.

Kendal Avenue

If you haven't been to our Kendal Avenue facility before our hours are 09:00 to 17:00 Monday to Friday and 09:00 to 12:00 on Saturdays. We ask that you arrive no later than 30 minutes before we close to ensure we can complete any necessary work on your Taxi in time.

Below you'll see a map of our location, which is Unit 11, Vision Industrial Park, Kendal Avenue, London. W3 0AF.

We look forward to seeing you.