By simply pressing the new Business Intel Tile you will be able to view the best-scored Streets, Areas & Ranks, and the ones closest to your current location, with anticipated wait times for Ranks, also being displayed. Distance and driving ETA to each location are also shown. Each location is given a rating out of 10 with the score based upon the number of Fares vs. number of Taxis within that location. Wait time will also be taken into consideration, essentially supply vs demand. Here's how it will look when you select Score (so best in London, regardless of your location) & Ranks:

IMG_3465 (2).JPG

If you want to view the Ranks closest to your location you would simply press the Closest button, next to Score.

To have continued access to the Business Intelligence feature a bare minimum of work needs to be processed through the credit card system. To begin with, for the first 2 week trial period, Drivers who have processed more than £200 of card work in the previous 30 days will qualify. Once this 2 week period is over the qualifying criteria will move to £600 for the prior 30 days. That means a Driver would only need to process 2 trips at an average of £15, based on 20 working days in a month. That’s it. We believe this is a figure which is very easily reached and it will be calculated every time you log in, meaning even if you go away on holiday it won’t be long until you once again have access to Business Intelligence